Starting as a twinkle in the eye of the Australian Burlesque community, the ABM started as a desire to see this unique burlesque history preserved before it was lost. Since the conception of this idea it has grown into the Australian Burlesque Museum, dedicated to the research, collection and celebration of this enchanting and provocative art form, the brazen women and men who performed it, and it's unique trajectory within Australian history. 


With the support of the Australian Burlesque community the collective was formed, and with the tireless work of a founding team of dedicated performers and burlesque aficionados around the country, plans for the Australian Burlesque Museum are underway. 


There are many ways that you can get involved with this exciting moment in Australian performing arts history. Keep an eye on our social networks or on the website to be up to date with all the news!

Image of Imogen Kelly by Caveboy Studios

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